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You’ve probably heard the name Norm Ebenstein, but you may not know much about him. Actually, you may know him better as the creator of the famous Web Stats website. It shows the location of millions of web pages across the world, and anyone can look at it to get a bird’s eye view of how their business is doing. In fact, it is so popular that businesses use it to keep abreast of the competition in their market – whether it’s a real estate developer looking for new areas to develop or a Web designer trying to understand why a particular design template is performing so poorly.

It is easy to see then how Norm Ebenstein came to create Web stats for so many others. After working for many years as a real estate developer in California, he was also dissatisfied with the overall state of the industry. In addition to having to deal with a difficult economy that kept him busy every day, he also saw the business as a career dead end. He decided to do something about it and founded Web Stats, a company that would provide statistics for anyone involved in the real estate market.

60s Generation Real Estate Developer  Norm Ebenstein
60’s Generation Real Estate Developer – Norm Ebenstein

Now, Web Stats is used by everyone from home builders to real estate developers, and even Web designers. And of course, it’s great for anyone who wants to understand why a certain method is doing so poorly. But do you know just what kind of information it provides? Can you really rely on it to make good choices for your own business? Keep reading if you would like to learn more about Web Stats and how it can improve your business.

Web Stats is actually a database that was created by Web Stat by Bill Ebenbock and Tim Loughlin. It is basically an electronic database of information that anyone can access. With it, they can obtain information about demographics, purchasing trends, geographic location and many other useful statistics. And because Web Stats is a proprietary data base, only licensed real estate developers can get access to it.

So if you are a real estate developer, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. You’ll be surprised by the information you can learn. It can help you make better choices for you business, but you first need to sign up for their free trial. This will allow you to use their data base as a way to get an idea of what works for you. They won’t keep it forever but you can certainly take advantage of their starter package which gives you a limited amount of data and allows you to find out if it’s right for you.

Once you start using Web stats you’ll find out it really is an invaluable resource for any real estate developer. The best part is: it’s completely free! Think about it: your clients can view the houses you list without ever leaving your office. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

If you are already a real estate developer, take a look at what Web Stats can do for you. If you are hiring people to work with you, it will help you make more money and minimize your headaches. If you’re just trying to market your property, it can help you attract new buyers and lower your costs.

The database Web Stat has allowed them to analyze the entire United States. They have over 27 million listings. This means you’ll never have trouble finding a home to buy. As a developer, Web Stats is definitely something you should check out. Learn everything you can from Web Stat and realize the advantages it could offer you in the future.